The Visa Team announce their acquisition by Nomadic, a technology-led visa and document services company based in the US. The deal cements TVT as a leader in the industry and will deliver technological innovations to TVT’s existing clients. The Visa Team USA is not affiliated with Nomadic, or the Visa Team UK and UAE. Please reach out to your TVT contact or for more information.

About Nomadic - Nomadic is a short-term immigration document procurement and management company, with an emphasis on technology and client service. Nomadic was founded by experienced figures in the immigration industry to bring technological solutions to the immigration compliance side of short-term travel.

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  • Algeria

    • Closed every Monday.
  • Angola

    • Closed every Wednesday (exceptions can be made for express 24 hour applications).
  • Belarus

    • Closed every Wednesday.
  • Benin

    • Closed every Tuesday and Thursday
  • Bolivia

    • Lodgings accepted Tuesday and Thursday only
  • Burundi

    • Closed every Tuesday and Thursday
  • Cameroon

    • Cameroon Embassy is closed every Friday
  • Congo, Democratic Republic of

    • Lodgings and collections on Thursday only
  • Croatia

    • Closed every Thursday.
  • Cuba

    • Closed every Friday
  • Gabon

  • Georgia

    • Closed every Wednesday
  • Iran

    • Closed every Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Kazakhstan

    • Closed every Wednesday.
  • Liberia

    • Closed every Friday
  • Libya

    • Closed every Friday. Lodgings accepted Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday only
  • Lithuania

    • Closed every Monday and Friday.
  • Malaysia

  • Mongolia

    • Closed every Wednesday and Friday
    • Only open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
  • Morocco

    • Closed every Friday.
  • Namibia

    • Closed every Friday.
  • Netherlands

    • Closed the first and third Wednesday of every month.
  • Norway

    • Closed every Wednesday.
  • Romania

    • Closed every Friday.
  • Saudi Arabia

    • Closed every Friday
  • South Sudan

    • Closed every Thursday and Friday.
  • Sweden

    • Closed every Wednesday.
  • Tunisia

    • Closed every Friday.
  • Turkmenistan

    • Closed every Wednesday
  • United Arab Emirates

    • E-Tourist applications processed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays.
  • United States of America

    • Closed on the last Thursday of every month
  • Uzbekistan

    • Closed every Tuesday and Thursday.

List accurate as of 2020-03-10