The Visa Team announce their acquisition by Nomadic, a technology-led visa and document services company based in the US. The deal cements TVT as a leader in the industry and will deliver technological innovations to TVT’s existing clients. The Visa Team USA is not affiliated with Nomadic, or the Visa Team UK and UAE. Please reach out to your TVT contact or for more information.

About Nomadic - Nomadic is a short-term immigration document procurement and management company, with an emphasis on technology and client service. Nomadic was founded by experienced figures in the immigration industry to bring technological solutions to the immigration compliance side of short-term travel.

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A visa is a travel document which allows someone to travel into a specific country and stay there a given period of time. A visa can be issued either at the Embassies prior to arrival or in some cases, at the border. Countries requirements are very different, some require everyone who enters to obtain a visa and others have a mutual agreement with specific countries allowing waive of the visa requirements. Please go to our ‘Do I Need A Visa?’ page, to see the travel visa requirements for your destination.

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The specific documents that are required to apply for a visa, vary depending on the country of destination. Most often, you will be required to submit a completed application form, recent photos and your original passport. Other documents can include, proof of health insurance, recent travel itinerary, invitation letter and financial documents may be required. The Embassy and Consulates have the right to request any additional documents, which can be a time-consuming, complicated and confusing process. Our team of specialists, keep in regular contact with the Government entities and maintain a database with the most up to date requirements for over 10 different countries around the world.

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We recommend that all travellers apply for visas as far in advance of their anticipated travel as possible. The length of time that a visa tables to obtain varies by the type of visa and the destination. It can also be at the discretion of the embassy for granting and releasing visas.